Alumna Elisa Soster works together with Master Wim Henderickx

  • 01/03/2022
  • Jannah Van Nevel

Composer (and IOA Master) Wim Henderickx works together with alumna Elisa Soster! They had already worked together at the IOA during the production of ‘A matter of triumph and void’


Wim Henderickx : composition and percussion
Elisa Soster : sopraan
Karin de Fleyt : flute
Marc Tooten : altviolin, viola d’Amore

Huniyāgar / Ars Vocalis Kortrijk / Kortrijks Vocaal Ensemble / Zimra : koren (preparation: Diederik Glorieux, Hannes Vanlancker en Wim Verdonck)

Jorrit Tamminga: elektronics

A production of HERMESensemble, together with Huniyāgar. Thanks to Muziektheater Transparant en Antarctica Records.

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