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The IOA programme for singers and repetiteurs covers two years of full-time, intensive technical study and performing experience. The programme is set up to prepare students for future professional careers: opera singers and repetiteurs are expected to master various disciplines (vocal, scenic and physical qualities. Each of these is intensively trained during the IOA programme.

Programme Structure

Both years of the programme consist of four main pillars:

(1) interpretation and technique
(2) movement and acting
(3) opera theory
(4) practice (performing experience)

Each pillar contains several specific courses.

In the first year, musical interpretation and technique are central to the students’ education. At the same time, students will also gain initial concert and opera performance experience. Students are given time and space to develop their talent and potential.

In the second year, the more intensive practice of productions, concerts and (potential) internships in international opera houses ensures that students gain experience as performing artists. In the IOA’s fully-staged opera production with orchestra, each student is given a significant role.

All students follow the same curriculum. During the second year, however, the curriculum of each student may be adapted according to the student’s specific needs and potential. In both years, students participate in several masterclasses.


Fees and Scholarships

Future IOA students pay the tuition fee for the coming academic year. The tuition fee for ’19-’20 is €1750.

This fee may be split in two payments (advance fee and second payment). Registration is only official after payment of the full tuition fee.

Scholarship and Student Provision

In need of financial assistance?

After payment of the tuition fee, you can apply for an IOA scholarship.
IOA scholarships cover the school’s tuition fee either partly or completely. The amount of the awarded scholarship depends on the student’s financial and social situation. Students are asked to submit a motivated application form and a proof of financial/social situation.
If the student’s application for a scholarship is successful, (part of) the tuition fee will be reimbursed during the course of the academic year. Should the student decide to terminate his/her education before the end of the academic year, the scholarship may be reclaimed by the IOA.

Further, students with outstanding results are allowed to apply for extra funding in the form of a student provision.
These student provisions are awarded to the programme’s most outstanding students, and cover basic monthly living costs. Students eligible to apply are asked to submit extensive proof of their financial/social situation.
If the student’s application for a student provision is successful, the student provision will be awarded in monthly instalments throughout the academic year. Should the student decide to terminate his/her education before the end of the academic year, part of the student provision may be withheld by the IOA.


Programme structured in 4 main subject pillars

Interpretation and Technique

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Movement and Acting

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Opera Theory

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Practice (projects, masterclasses, internships)

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