Pillar 3
Opera Theory

The IOA teaches students how to communicate intelligently about and within the field of opera, at a professional level. This part of the programme provides students background knowledge about opera: specific musical analysis, dramaturgy, and insight into opera production.
During the second year of the programme, theoretical sessions provide valuable information for the start of the students’ career.

Methodology – Session Cultuurloket

This session introduces students to the administrative professional context of the cultural field. Subjects include: social status, contracts, negotiations, international employment, royalties.

Workshop Audition Coaching

This workshop aims to raise awareness of the ultrashort span of time given, during which singers must prove themselves in very different stage and audition conditions. We enhance the ability to put into practice the crucial elements that should make students excel at auditions, focusing on repertoire choice and its presentation, and all factors that young professional singers should absolutely avoid.

Students will be given insight in the national and international operatic world, and understanding of the different criteria applied by opera houses (“stagione” and “repertoire” opera houses), opera studios, opera festivals, and by conductors, orchestras, and choirs.

As not every singer will make a career as a professional opera singer, we also focus on alternative paths after completing their education. This may also be of interest to the repetiteurs.

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