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Soprano, BEL

Marjolein Appermont

In 2023 Belgian soprano Marjolein Appermont sang her first leading role in G.F. Händel’s Alcina at the Lyric Opera Festival in Jerusalem.

Together with Fleur Strijbos and Mike Docters, she initiated her own production titled 100 Years of Maria Callas, an animated performance (season 2023-2024).

In 2020 Marjolein earned her master’s degree in classical singing with Anne Cambier at the Antwerp Conservatory. During her studies, she received lessons from renowned figures such as Lucienne van Deyck, Jozef De Beenhouwer, Guy de Mey, Korneel Bernolet, Ewald Demeyere and Guy Joosten. Marjolein took part at summer academies like the Berlin Opera Academy in 2021 and the Margreet Honig Summer Academy in 2022. In the meantime, she has performed as a soloist with various Belgium orchestras including the Royal Harmony of Peer, Volksgalm, the Harmony Orchestra Demer & Laak. Currently she studies at the International Opera Academy in Ghent with support from SWUK Flanders association.

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