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Selection criteria  

The following aspects are taken into consideration in the jury’s review throughout auditions: 

  • Musical (singing/piano) technique:
    • Students are able to ‘decipher’ a score’s musical line quickly and fluently; 
    • Students understand the score’s expression and other indications; 
    • Students possess the technical potential to sing the arias and ensembles of the repertoire within their respective Fach; 
    • Students demonstrate a basic knowledge of the existence and content of different musical styles (baroque, classicism, etc.; ‘national’ styles; specific composers’ styles).
  • Language knowledge (in communication and in used repertoire): 
    • Students are able to express themselves fluently in English; 
    • Students demonstrate basic levels (esp. regarding musical diction and expression) of Italian, French, German and English. 
  • Interpretation; 
  • Presentation (posture, stage presence); 
  • Growing potential;  
  • Motivation. 
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