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The IOA provides you with unique opportunities, aimed to help your future career

  • You perform at least one fully-staged role in an opera production with orchestra, with performances in internationally acclaimed opera houses.
  • You will audition for a possible internship in an international opera house.
  • You are given audition training, and you audition for agents to get prepared for audition selections. Afterwards, you receive individualized feedback.
  • You receive tips and tricks on how to get a job, and to learn how to deal with the professional world of agent management.

The IOA is allied with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

The cooperation between Opera Ballet Vlaanderen (OBV) and International Opera Academy (IOA) will intensify in the coming years.

OBV and IOA have been cooperating closely for twenty years now. Students at the internationally recognized IOA programme can participate in internships at OBV, and members of OBV have been teaching or giving masterclasses at the IOA on a regular basis. OBV also supported the IOA’s yearly public presentation.

This cooperation will intensify and increase over the coming years. As the artistic programme at OBV is also focused on talent development (young artists’ trajectories, and the Young Ensemble), the IOA has emerged as a natural partner to realize this policy vision.

Through intensive dialogue with the OBV casting director, and through long-term monitoring, the flow of IOA alumni to the OBV Young Ensemble will be ensured. In this way, young soloists are given the opportunity to present themselves within a professional context, and will gain insight into first potential engagements during their study.

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