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Puss in boots (6 – 9 y)

Adaptation of the opera of Cesar Antonowitsch Cui.

The Russian composer Cui wrote this fairytale opera in 1913 and transplanted Perrault’s well-known tale in a whimsical musical world in which nature, humans and courtly life are given their own individual sounds.
The story of Puss in Boots is all about the treasure that can be hidden in insignificant little things. If you pay close attention, you can awaken a little voice inside yourself that will encourage you to discover your talents, overcome barriers and realise your dreams. A little performance about a big hero.

Coproduction with Zomeropera Alden Biesen.


  • Bilzen – Zomeropera Alden Biesen - 18, 19, 20 & 21 June 2016
  • NTGent, Ghent (Festival van Vlaanderen Gent) - 18 September 2016
  • Theatre ‘Eilandje’, Antwerp (Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen) - 18, 19, 21 January 2017



Director: Lucija Brnic
Musical adaptation & coach: Hein Boterberg
Costumes: Elena Werner


The Puss: Louise Kuyvenhoven
Jean, the youngest brother: Sylvie Bedouelle/Pauline De Lannoy
Court marshall: Sylvie Bedouelle/Pauline De Lannoy
The middle brother: Rui Xiao/Arthur Rozek
The rogue: Rui Xiao/Arthur Rozek
The oldest brother: Diana Volkova / Rui Xiao
The king: Rui Xiao
The princess: Ana Sofia Ramos Ventura / Lara Rainho
Piano: Eline Brys

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