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MASTERCLASS – Mireia Pintó

Mireia Pintó will focus on ‘Shakespeare in music’ in this Masterclass.
When we approach the immeasurable universe of William Shakespeare, we discover that, for him, music was a transcendental art, and as such he constantly mentions it and develops poetic and philosophical ideas from it. ‘The music of Shakespeare’ is very prolific and varied: it involves music written by various composers, some almost contemporary with him, others based on him, to be performed in performances of his works (they are the first ‘incidental’ scores). This type of music persisted over time and reached its peak in the 19
th century and much of the 20th, although in this century it developed into a new sister genre: film music, which accompanied countless film versions of Shakespeare’s plays.  To this relationship we must add classical music, in its various genres: operas, symphonic works, as well as songs and chamber music, inspired by Shakespeare’s works and characters. The end result is overwhelmingly inexhaustible and unapproachable.   

No collection of songs would do justice to the vast output of Shakespeare’s genius, no recital of arias would illustrate the magnitude of his dramas. A few selected fragments, however, will allow us to know a small part of what the importance of Shakespeare’s work can encompass.   

There is nothing so stupid, so harsh, so full of anger that the music could not change. 
The man who has no music inside him nor is moved by the harmony of its sweet sounds it is apt for treachery, scheming and wickedness.
The movements of his spirit are deaf as night and his dark feelings like Erebus 
Let no one trust such a man. Let’s listen to the music! 
– Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice 

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Read Mireia Pintó’s biography here.


  • International Opera Academy, Ghent - 24/02/2024 - 10:00 - 13:00
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