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Russian Language Coaching

Russian language coaching

This course is designed to teach students the method of approaching Russian repertoire. Attention will be paid to creating an individual system of studying Russian repertoire, based on students’ experience in Slavic languages and previously performed Russian repertoire.  

Students will study the Russian alphabet, the main principles of reading in Russian and the differences in pronunciation to their native language; they will also gain experience in translating and use digital tools to do so. Both singers and repetiteurs will receive an introduction to Russian opera and will get familiar with its most important names; afterwards, they will select an aria and a lied to work on. Repetiteurs will assist singers in the learning and preparation process; they will be specifically trained to read Russian ‘on sight’. Following the establishment of the study method, coachings will be adapted to specific IOA projects that require Russian repertoire.  

Students will be given an opportunity to study on a deeper level: to go into stylistic characteristics; to get acquainted with Russian vocal technique; to distinguish between Russian and Soviet performance manners and to finalize their own way to perform Russian music. 


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