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Repertoire Coaching

Repertoire coaching

The main goal of the coaching sessions is to stimulate and explore imagination, interpretation and communication.  

By covering a thorough study of both the text and the music and the link between them, the repertoire is analysed in detail. Translation, pronunciation, meaning, dynamics, expression marks, phrasing, intonation, vibrato, rhythm and many other components are brought together to explore and discover the most interesting interpretation possible. In addition to this, the differences of styles are discussed. The focus is always on how to communicate well to an audience.  

The lessons can be connected to a production at the IOA or the repertoire can be completely free of choice. They encompass opera, song, oratorio, operetta and musical theatre styles from early baroque to contemporary music.  


For singers: The development of a character in a song, aria or role is studied and kept as close to reality as possible. There is often reference to movement and/or acting classes.  Balance problems that might occur are discussed: what makes you heard above an orchestra in a bigger hall? 
The students receive help with repertoire choice and Fach choice. They also receive guidance with preparation: in general, but also specifically for concerts, masterclasses or productions.  

For repetiteurs: The building of thorough repertoire knowledge is followed up – both work in detail and sight-reading skills are developed. 
Enhancing the ability of playing and singing together is a very important part of the lessons. There is also a close link to the singing lessons. 
Conducting and following a conductor is initiated where necessary, in preparation for the conducting classes and productions. 
Coaching of singers and vocal ensembles is discussed and put into practice. 
The students get guidance with preparation: in general, but also specifically for concerts, masterclasses or productions.


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