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Workshop 1. Repertoire

Workshop 1. Repertoire

Teachers Guy Joosten & Hein Boterberg
1, 2, 3, 4 October 2019

At the outset of the first year of the International Opera Academy programme, this workshop serves to make an inventory of the student’s skills as a singer/repetiteur at the present moment. The workshop includes (1) an intake interview, during which the student’s expectations are examined; (2) work sessions on the student’s personal repertoire, during which the teachers’ expectations are clarified.

The aim of this workshop is to provide the student and his/her team of teachers with a clear understanding of the profile, the goal and the path needed for the student to succeed as a laureate at the IOA.

The students may bring the repertoire of their choice. The focus is on interpretation and how to enhance it. The following questions will be addressed, a.o.:

  • Has the score/text been well read and understood?
  • Is the context of the aria clear?
  • Is the background of the opera sufficiently known?
  • What is the relation between music and text?

The communication of text to the audience is discussed and explored. Movements are considered as well.

Finally, a general introduction of how to study and prepare and how to be stylish on and around the stage is given. In this context, students can check their own preparation against the suggested methods.

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