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Vocal Advice Workshops

Vocal Advisor: Dietrich Henschel

In this course, students will receive individual training with specific focus on breath: its use for phrasing, its importance for resonance, its control when moving on stage. The control of muscular activity in a balanced breathing process as a basic element of sound production. We will work on the particular demands for roles in preparation of the different stage projects during the season as well as on the individual repertory of the students.

Vocal Advisor: Charlotte Margiono

As Vocal Advisor, Charlotte Margiono is available for individual and group advice to the singers, in order to refine their repertoire at a vocal level. Working with this group of young singers within different Fachs, Margiono will offer workshops that also pay sufficient attention to ensemble singing.

First, the Mozart ensembles will be approached. Subsequently, other genres will be considered: early and late Romanticism, as well as German, Slavic and (definitely) Italian repertoire.

These vocal advice workshops will specifically pay specific attention to the following issues:

  • finding an ensemble sound that is homogenous with the sound of colleague-singers;
  • incorporating one’s own direction in musical interpretation and expression;
  • learning safe singing techniques to use when following complex direction advice;
  • focus on symbiosis of acting, theatre and singing;
  • preparing for auditions: finding and studying the best arias for the student, and learning to acquire sufficient flexibility to cope with high-stress situations.


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