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Singing Classes for Repetiteurs

Singing Lessons for Repetiteurs

Singing Lessons for Repetiteurs aim to develop the voice and posture of each individual pianist and help students to prepare for specific professional situations including auditions, rehearsals and internships. The course focuses on the development of healthy vocal technique. Focus on good projection, the ability to sing and play the piano simultaneously and the use of different languages in an assortment of relevant repertoire are central to each lesson. There are various circumstances in which a repetiteur may be asked to sing an absent singer’s part. In this situation a repetiteur will often have to sing from offstage, possibly from the orchestra pit. Therefore, vocal projection, confidence and stamina are of great importance for students training for this role. The course will prepare students for precisely these circumstances. Warm-up and voice exercises accompanied by the teacher will lay the foundation of each lesson. Students will gradually engage in simultaneous playing and singing, using repertoire relevant to their own personal journey. 

At the outset of the course, students will learn to sing and play songs and arias in a familiar language. Depending on the student’s potential, he or she will then engage with operatic repertoire (arias and ensembles) in different languages. As a result, students will start to become better acquainted with standard operatic and song repertoire. 

During the first year of study, audition and rehearsal circumstances will also be re-created during class. 

As the singing skills of the student improve, the lessons will pay special attention to specific repertoire necessary to prepare upcoming auditions, coachings and productions the training repetiteur may be involved in. 


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