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German Language Coaching

German language coaching

German Language Coaching provides students with tools to prepare and interpret German repertoire independently. All students will be coached individually. Additionally, students without a profound prior knowledge of German phonetics, pronunciation and grammar, will also be following group sessions.
In the group sessions, students first learn German orthography and phonetic transcription (German IPA). We then proceed to the rules of German pronunciation and will subsequently discuss and practice the pronunciation of each sound. Next to articulation, students will train the correct intonation and phrasing.
A secondary but still rather important tool to be acquired is basic as well as repertoire-specific knowledge of German grammar. Once a singer can make out the verb and its complements in a German sentence, they will be able to phrase their sentences meaningfully, and interpret the text based on its thorough understanding. Ideally, singers should eventually be able to translate texts by themselves with the aid of a good dictionary.
Acquiring vocabulary and getting acquainted with important German poets and librettists functions as a by-product of this group course. In the individual coaching sessions, on the other hand, we will focus on (music) literary texts. Here, students will be working on their actual or future German repertoire, intensively training their performance in both speaking and singing and learning to become increasingly independent in their preparation. 

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