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English Language Coaching

English language coaching

English coaching classes will explore the nature of the English language in relation to the singing voice, focusing on vocal music from the opera, operetta, oratorio and song repertoire.
English is the common language spoken between international students at the IOA and therefore it is all the more important that attention is given to ensure English is learnt and applied accurately when singing.
The technical elements of each session will focus on all aspects of diction, with the first year of the programme concentrating on the correct pronunciation of vowels, diphthongs and consonants in sung English.
The overall aim is that during this first year, each student acquires the tools to be able to pronounce, enunciate and express a vocal text in English. Successful communication of a text will be at the heart of each session.
The pace at which the sessions progress obviously depends on the ability and mother tongue of the individual student.
The pronunciation of and differences between British Received Pronunciation and American Standard will also be addressed.
Ideally, by the end of the first year, the student should be able to apply their technical knowledge of the English language independently. Having mastered the technical foundations of the language, the focus will be on encouraging physical freedom in the student to enable them to fully communicate a text and inhabit a role in English. 

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