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ORPHEUS or the Wonderful Constancy of Love
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The love story of Orpheus and Eurydice in Ovid’s Metamorphoses provided the material for compositions by Monteverdi, Rossi, Gluck, Offenbach and others.
Georg Philipp Telemann’s Orpheus takes an original and sometimes comical approach to two separate worlds, that of the jealous Queen Orasia, who is in love with Orpheus, and that of Pluto, who reigns in the underworld.
Curious to know who gains the upper hand in this thrilling conflict packed with intrigue and plot twists? We can already reveal that Orasia’s plan to win Orpheus by murdering Eurydice does not work out: Orpheus rejects her advances and when she kills him too, she unites the two lovers eternally in a realm where she has no power.
Should she now take her own life in order to renew her bid for Orpheus’ love in the underworld?
Telemann’s narrative focuses on the love triangle in which the widowed Queen Orasia becomes the driving force behind the dramatic action.
This concentrated, dynamic and inventive interpretation of the Orpheus myth is being performed for a Belgian audience for the first time: the score was only rediscovered in 1978; now, 250 years after Telemann’s death, new life is being breathed into the work.

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A co-production of the International Opera Academy vzw and Ensemble Apotheosis vzw
Co-presentation BOZAR & LA MONNAIE/DE MUNT

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Composer: Georg Philip Telemann
Conductor Korneel BERNOLET
Director: Guy JOOSTEN
Set, costume design & lighting: Roel Van Berckelaer 


Orasia: Morgane Heyse / Margarida Hipolito (22/4, 05/05, 07/05)
Orpheus: Artur Rozek
Eurydice: Julie Gebhart
Eurimides: Sylvie Bedouelle / Pauline de Lannoy (22/4, 05/05, 07/05)
Ismene /Prêtresse: Louise Kuyvenhoven /Lara Rainho (22/4, 05/05, 07/05)
Pluto / Echo: Dominic Kraemer
Cephisa: Ana Sofia Ventura
Ascalax : Boris Kondov / Gilles Thomas (21/4, 23/4, 16/05,20/05)
Chœur : Eline Brys + cast not performing
Orchestra: APOTHEOSIS Ensemble


Minardschouwburg, Gent – 21, 22, 23 April 2017
CCHA, Hasselt – 5 May 2017
MuCh, Waterloo (semi staged) – 7 May 2017
BOZAR, Brussels – 16 May 2017
HETPALEIS, Antwerp – 20 May 2017 

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