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Italian Language Coaching

Singing in Italian is one of the foremost requirements of an opera singer. Correct pronunciation, articulation, historical awareness of the different possibilities of text rendering throughout repertoire, and, finally, being able to acquire an understanding of how to deal with the complex literary structures of ancient Italian, all constitute the main goals of a course of Italian coaching.

Initially, the course focuses on the basics of Italian phonetics for singers (including learning how to use IPA and/or going deeper into it), explaining the rules of pronunciation both through spoken text and through singing, never losing sight of the ability to achieve the desired result, being correct from a technical point of view. Singers will learn a method of approach to an operatic text, through phonetic decoding, understanding and analysis from a dynamic point of view.

Both written material and videos (by outstanding Italian actors and great opera singers) will be part of the course.

The course consists both of group lessons (for phonetical work and for analysis through media) and of individual lessons. During the first year, we will focus on particular arias. During the course we will initially focus on arias. As the skills develop, we will start working on the more complex task of rendering recits, both secco and accompanied.

The course will offer support to any IOA project based on Italian repertoire.


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