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Step 3 - Audition Repertoire - Upload 1 video containing the following

Instructions video:

  • One video means that the 3 fragments must be recorded in one shot.
  • The video should start with a shot on which we can see you in full-length. While singing and performing, you could zoom into a shot from your middle.
  • Make sure that the recording has a good audio quality.
  • Upload the video on Youtube (choose for the option 'hidden') and copy/past the Youtube-link into the provided field.

The video must contain:

  • A short spoken motivation of why you want to become an IOA student: the same as the written motivation, but spoken, memorized and with expression.
  • Three arias of your choice: at least one in Italian with secco recit, one in German and one in French. Note: mention the composer and title of each Aria
  • Bring a text in English that you know by heart (source: libretto, theatre play, poem or prose). Note: mention the author and the title.
  • Where did you learn about the IOA? + Explain.

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