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From student to professional

  • You follow an up-to-date curriculum responding to the changing reality of opera/music theatre – a professional field that is getting more and more demanding and selective. 
  • You participate in a programme that offers education, while also serving an independent artistic purpose. Its independent, non-profit structure is unique in Belgium. 
  • You work only with teachers with direct ties to the professional world, who have the experience to prepare young singers and pianists for the complex job. 

Individual trajectory

  • You follow an individual trajectory, in accordance with your personal needs. 
  • You receive many hours of coaching in the repertoire, language coaching and acting training. 
  • You are introduced to relevant concepts, discussions and knowledge in the areas of musical analysis and dramaturgy. 
  • You participate in masterclasses by internationally renowned performers. 
  • Through participating in concerts and projects with different artistic partners, you become an experienced performer. 

Unique opportunities & focus on the future

  • You perform at least one fully-staged role in an opera production with orchestra, with performances in internationally acclaimed opera houses. 
  • You are given the opportunity for an internship in an international opera house. 
  • You are given audition training, and you audition for agents to get prepared for audition selections. Afterwards, you receive individualized feedback. 
  • You receive tips and tricks how to get a job, and to learn how to deal with the professional world of agent management. 

Ghent = Hotspot

  • You study in Ghent, a cultural hotspot, a historical city full of students and culture, which put an important mark on the city and its people. 
  • Your school is situated in the heart of the beautiful, vibrant and historical site of De Bijloke. 

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